Before you get started here are the upstream project requirements for <project>.jboss.org

If you're hosting your project at http://<project>.jboss.org then you need to use the bootstrap-community L&F , as shown on this page. This provides the following required elements which ensure your project has the necessary Red Hat branding and your project specific subdomain has a basic level of consistency with the rest of jboss.org:


  • Red Hat dropdown tab at top of page
  • Red Hat logo at bottom of page

jboss.org specific

  • Project Banner with optional tagline
  • Fixed width content area
  • Background gradient
  • Font Awesome for content
Within this projects are encouraged to experiment with their own layouts and navigation to find what works best for them. See the Template Library for examples of what's possible.

Template Library

If you'd like to see what's possible using our templates, take a look at the following examples:

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